Consultancy Services

Consultancy & Advocacy Services: 

Alexander Noble provides fast and efficient services for landlords experiencing problems with tenants who fail to adhere to their tenancy obligations, the most crucial being non-payment of rent or persistent rent arrears.

We can provide landlords with advice and assistance to recover their rent arrears, and also commence proceedings to seek outright possession of the property should our client instruct us to do so.

Our service will be tailored to result in the outcome you require, and will save you from the anxiety and costs associated with such action. We guarantee our costs for this service will be cheaper than any solicitor you may have used in the past.

We have an experienced team who specialise in dealing with rent arrears. We will take cases for current rent arrears as well as historical arrears, and commence appropriate action to resolve the matter to our clients satisfaction.

A regular update will be provided to clients in order that they are aware of the status of their tenant(s), and that they have an opportunity to cease or instruct us to take further action.

If you simply want your property returned from difficult tenants, we can provide services to ensure possession of your property is obtained.

For further enquiries of costing please contact on the number below:

Tel: 01274 72 00 11

Mobile: 07436543421


Address: Suite 2.1, 2nd Floor -114-116 Manningham Lane, Bradford, BD8 7JF